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Yes, for any delivery issues, please email us at with order confirmation and we will work with the winery to accommodate!

Shipping depends on the winery, orders from our partners are usually being fulfilled btw 1-3 days. Orders that are fulfilled on Friday often wait for Monday to ship so the wine will not get spoiled for sitting in a truck during the weekend. For any issues with delayed orders please email us at

Once your order is fulfilled you will receive an email from us with a tracking link.

We are currently only shipping to NY and NJ but soon we will ship to 42 additional states!

Please send a photo of the damaged product to

Please email and we will research your issue and issue you a refund or have the correct items delivered.

When you buy wine from a store or restaurant it was shipped from a distribution warehouse. Before that it was shipped from the winery to the distributor. By purchasing on GrapeIn you eliminate 2 transports-- wine goes from the winery directly to you.

Ordering through SipJoy means that instead of the distributor and the retailer each adding a markup to your wine the people who make the wine or spirit actually get to keep that money. Power to the PEOPLE!!!

At this time SipJoy does not support mix and match from different wineries.

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